How to use the message board

1. Rules for message board

This message board is intended for model airplane collectors and those interested in model airplanes. Please refrain from posting messages not pertaining to the aforementioned subject.

The author retains the right to reject any submission or permanently ban anyone from the message board for anything the author deems not in the best interest of the site.

Please bear in mind the author's native language is Japanese, therefore when posting in English, please keep your remarks as simply stated as possible.

2. Upload limits

When uploading images to the message board, you may have up to 2 images per message totaling no more than 5MB. Please ensure images are compressed, before attempting to upload.

3. Input of ID and password

The message board is password protected. If you wish to access the message board, the user id and password is located in the left-side frame and changed regularly.

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