F-16XL U.S. Air Force XL-1 Prototype 75-0749

Basic Information

This is a ready-made diecast model by S14 Co., Ltd. The specifications of this product is as follows.

Product Maker S14 Co., Ltd.
Product Series Aviation Fighters Series
Product Name SKU:AVFS-1912027
021. F-16XL U.S. Air Force XL-1 Prototype 75-0749
Model Scale 1:144
Dimensions Length:12.5cm (from the tip of pitot tube to rear end of engine nozzle)
Wingspan:7.8cm (without wingtip pylons)
Release Date August 2021 (in Japan)
Price 7,920 yen in Japan
Notes *Ready-made display model (painted and assembled)
*Die-cast body with some plastic parts
*All markings by tampo printing
*Landing gears can be removed for flying position (gear covers and adapter included)
*Display stand NOT included

Shape, Painting and Markings


This is a diecast model of the F-16XL-1 developed for prototype of USAF’s ETF(Enhanced Tactical Fighter) competition*1. This model has nice outline just like a real plane, and sharp panel lines. It is beatifully painted, all markings are printed in great detail on the surface.
*1: Later, ETF program was expanded into the DRF(Dual Role Fighter) program.

Shape, Painting and Markings

Special Mention

Many Weapons

The accessories for “Air-to-Air” or “Air-to-Surface” configurations are included in this product. These are glued to the under fuselage and cannot be removed.

Many Weapons

Removable Landing Gears


The landing gear is open/close selection type. You can enjoy the parked state and the flight status on a dedicated stand(sold separately). -from S14 official site- Removable Landing Gears

General Dynamics trademark

現ライセンサーLOCKHEED MARTIN社の意向により垂直尾翼のGENERAL DYNAMICS社商標はあらかじめ削除されています。-オフィシャルサイトより-

The GENERAL DYNAMICS trademark of the vertical stabilizer has been deleted in advance due to the intention of the current licensor LOCHEED MARTIN. -from official site-

General Dynamics trademark

My Impression

Good and Bad Points

Good Points *Good outline
*Accurate panel lines
*Beautiful painting
*Detailed markings by tampo printing
Bad Points *The mounting position of AIM-9L is incorrect.
*Not actual scale

The mounting position of AIM-9L


The mounting position of AIM-9L is incorrect. The AIM-9L of the wing tip pylon was attached closer to the front, so reviewer corrected those (the correct answer is that the missile and the rear end of the pylon are flush with each other).
This is not a mounting mistake at the time of production, but a mistake at the design stage (there is a dowel on the pylon side and a dowel hole on the missile side, and the mounting position was decided at the time of design).

The mounting position of AIM-9L

Not Actual Scale


The scale of this model is 1: 144, but it’s not the actual scale. The length and wingspan are 1cm larger than the actual scale. The height is almost the same as the true scale.

Not Actual Scale

Dimension Comparison

Real Airplane 1:144 Actual Scale This Model
Length 54ft 1.9in (≒16.51m) 11.5cm 12.5cm
Wingspan 32ft 4.9in (≒9.88m) 6.9cm 7.8cm
Height 17ft 7in (≒5.36m) 3.7cm 3.9cm


F-16XLの精密モデルを入手するのが長年の夢でしたが、今、本モデルを入手し感無量といったところです。 このような商品化が難しい航空機を発売してくれたS14に感謝の意を表します。 もちろんこのモデルには良いところもあれば悪いところもありますが、試作機を模型にしてくれたことが本当に嬉しいのです。 現在、本モデルは入手が難しくプレミアム価格で取引されています。しかしながらとても素晴らしい商品ですので機会があればぜひ入手を考えてみてください。 拙サイトへのご訪問ありがとうございました。

I’ve always wanted to get a precision model of the F-16XL. Now, I got this model, so I’m happy. I would like to thank the S14 for releasing such an aircraft that is difficult to commercialize. Of course, there are good and bad points in this model, but I am really grateful for making the scale model of prototype airplane. This model is currently difficult to get, so it is traded at a premium price. But it’s wonderful, so If you have a chance, please consider getting it. Thank you for browsing my site.


about real plane

I recommend the following site, PDF and video as sources of information about the F-16XL.


F-16.net is the most detailed information source about F-16 on the internet. The following page summarizes the development process for F-16XL.

F-16.net | F-16 Versions – F-16 XL



NASA has been deeply involved since the beginning of the development of the F-16XL. Below, you can download a PDF file that covers everything from the early stages of development to the development process after being transferred to NASA.

File:Elegance in Flight.pdf

San Diego Air and Space Museum

The video archive from the San Diego Air and Space Museum. The sound is only the clattering sound of the projector. It’s not in good condition for the one shot in 1982, but it’s a valuable video that shows moving F-16XL-1.



*航空ファン別冊 イラストレイテッド No.28 F-16ファイティング・ファルコン | 発行:文林堂 1985年10月
*航空ファン 1982年10月号 P10-15 GENERAL DYNAMICS F-16XL ROLLOUT/MAIDEN FLIGHT | 発行:文林堂


Su-33 Flanker D Bort 67, 1st Aviation Squadron, 279th shipborne Fighter Aviation Regiment, Russian Navy, Feb 2014